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From 5 staff in 1978, our team has grown to over 500 today consisting of professionals in specialized areas of business and support services.

Experience counts, and more so in the field of business. While the Group benefits from the vast pool of experienced staff it has built up since its inception, the staff has also grown and developed with the expansion and diversification of the Group’s operations.

We can proudly say that the level of experience in many of our operations is unparalleled in the country. We take pride in their ability to serve our customers with professionalism and efficiency, using their know-how to provide them with the highest level of service that they deserve.

Today’s businesses demand a high level of efficiency in their organizations and hence require staff to be skilled and competent. We ensure that our staff are well trained and are able to cope with the demands of today’s fast moving, ever-evolving businesses.

The Group conducts in-house training programs in association with its different international partners in their areas of specialization. General management training and modern organizational methods are implemented and practiced to create a culture of refinement and efficiency. We believe that high tech solutions to business problems burden their staff without the necessary training and familiarization that has to accompany such development. We ensure that the introduction of new technology is complemented with the relevant training for our staff. The Cyprea Group is proud of its high staff retention ratio. Through our staff we also ensure that we remain a source of stability for all our customers and partners.

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