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Kanifinolhu is one of the most established in the industry.

North Male’ Atoll, Maldives

Kanifinolhu, fondly referred to as Kani began operations in 1979. The resort is one of the most established in the industry.

Kani is designed to give the visitor the feel of a Maldivian village in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. The concept is derived from old traditional wooden houses still found preserved in some islands.

The resort comprises of 149 beautifully designed, lavishly furnished, beach fronted rooms, tucked inside the lush green beach vegetation and 75 water bungalow rooms located in the extensive lagoon of the resort. Other facilities of the resort include two bars, two beach bars, restaurant surrounded by beautiful tropical blooms, a childcare centre, well-equipped dive centre and a water sports centre. At present the resort is being managed by Club Med.

Visit http://www.clubmed.com.au/kani

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