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Go Maldives
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The Maldives can be experienced at several planes and dimensions

Go Maldives
…for the best of the Maldives!

Established in 1995 Go Maldives has benefited vastly from the knowledge and experience of its parent company. During the period since its inception it has taken bold strides in the field of travel and tour operation in the Maldives. Go Maldives was formed with a mission to bring the best of the Maldives to the true Maldives’ connoisseur.

For many the Maldives is simply sun, sea and sand …wherever you go. But as the true Maldives enthusiast knows, the Maldives can be experienced at several planes and dimensions. Go Maldives offers standard packages as well as the tailor–made packages created to offer a more personalized experience of the Maldives.

Considering the specific needs of tour operators, the most competitive rates for resorts in the Maldives have been carefully worked out. Bookings can be confirmed as soon as they are received as the Company has contracted allotments from different resorts of various categories.

As Handling Agents the services provided by Go Maldives include providing tour guides, handling reservations and other correspondence with resorts. Go Maldives has the support of a strong infrastructure and the network of companies, subsidiaries and partners of Cyprea Pvt. Ltd. and Cyprea Hotels and Travels. However its strength lies in the Group’s strong links with the tourism network in the Maldives.

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