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At the forefront of credit card services and technology

Cyprea Card Centre
At the forefront of credit card services and technology

Cyprea Card Center was established in 1988, with the appointment of Cyprea Hotels & Travel Pvt. Ltd. as the representative by Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Sri Lanka. The Card Center was established with the objective of providing local businesses a convenient, efficient and comprehensive credit card acquiring and issuing service.

Visa and Master Card are the most popular credit cards today. With the unparalleled expertise of their partners HSBC and the overwhelming support of the customers, Cyprea Card Centre has been able to offer the highest level of acquiring and issuing services for these cards.

In 1989 the Card Centre expanded its services to include JCB, the most widely used credit card by the Japanese. The latest addition to the Centre’s services has been the acquiring of the prestigious Diners Cards.

HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world with over 7,000 branches spread over 81 countries. Cyprea Card Center is proud to be associated with HSBC, as agents for Visa and Master Card.

1988 Agreement with HSBC, Sri Lanka to service Visa and MasterCards
1988 Establishment of Cyprea Card Center.
1989 Agreement with HSBC Sri Lanka to service JCB cards
1991 Started issuing Visa & MasterCard
2000 Introduction of EDCT for the first time in the Maldives, automating the acceptance of credit cards
2000 Introduction of toll-free EDC communication
2002 Introduction of Internet credit card acquiring
2002 Introduction of new Cyprea Card Center’s new corporate identity
2002 Automation of JCBI cards

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