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Abdullah Hameed

Mr. Mr. Abdullah Hameed started his career by joining the Maldives Shipping Limited in 1973. In 1975 he was transferred to the MSL Head Office in Bombay as Deputy Head of the Crew Department. Later taking over as Head of the Department. Mr.Hameed served in this post until he was seconded to Zenith Management Corporation, Greece, a sister company of MSL, as Area Representative, in 1987. In 1981 Mr.Hameed returned to MSL Head Office in Male’.

In 1985 Mr.Hameed joined the Ministry of Transport and Shipping where he served until 1989. During his term at the Ministry he held the positions of Nautical Surveyor and later held various senior posts.

With his transfer to the Ministry of Atolls Administration in October 1990, Mr.Hameed as Under Secretary was in charge of the major national development project “Strengthening Atolls Administration”. Mr.Hameed joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Chief of Protocol in May 1991.

AIn September 1979 the Government of Maldives recognized and awarded Mr.Hameed’s service to the tourism industry in the Maldives.

AMr.Hameed was a member of Maldives Tourism Promotion Advisory Council and the National Civil Aviation Safety Committee, until he resigned in November 2008. In February 2006, the Executive Committee of Dhivehi Raiyyathunge Party, the largest political party in Maldives appointed Mr.Hameed as the Secretary General. He resigned from the post in January 2009.

On 7th December 2006, Mr.Hameed was made Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and on 14th August 2008 he was appointed as the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. He held this post until he resigned in November 2008.

Mr.Hameed is married and they have four children.

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